Friday, June 5, 2015

Summer and Bug Season are upon us

Yuck biting insects and people wonder why I prefer winter! No walking in the bush we are out to the field of fun for running.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Hound is 3!!!!

Emmi turned 3 last Saturday. I can not believe it has been three years since I saw the first pictures of her with her mama Lucy. At that time I didn't know which of the 3 girls I would be coming home with. It was down to between her Miss Pink and Miss Mauve. It didn't take long to choose. Miss Pink had nose was too the ground and she had a mischievous streak.And a few others had already picked her! Check way back in the blog.
Mama Lucy and the 7

Miss Pink

Wild with attitude even at 7 weeks!

Birthday Bling

Party time after the hike

Hound gets the special place on the truck
Turkey Stew Cake!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Feb 11th was Davie's Gotcha Day

I can't believe it has been 4 years since I first met Davie. I love him to bits. Here are some random Davie pictures.
Mr. Big Tongue

Stealing my shirt

Trying to hypnotize me


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Davie is 6!!!

How did that happen, in a week we will be celebrating his 4th Gotcha day. He was a lucky boy this year he got to have 2 cakes! His birthday party at the barn was canceled due to bad roads so he had to celebrate at home with Emmi. But he did get to have a second celebration thanks to Diana who made him the neatest "PAW" cake. So it was fun and run in the sun today with his buddies Champ, Catja and Emmi.
It would be more fun at the barn

More please

I guess she can have some

Happy man

There is a poodle behind Emmi

Davie, Champ and Catja

No words, love this guy so much

Davie and his best buddy Catja

Monday, December 29, 2014

Hound Antics

Watching a dog do agility equipment in slow motion is an eye opener especially a coonhound. Watch the ears and the tail, you can understand the importance of her tail after watching these two videos.

We received a new GoPro 4 for Christmas so we had to put the Fetch harness on Emmi and watch her patrol the yard. Be warned if you are subject to motion sickness this may make you nauseous.

And don't worry Davie has been busy too he has escaped the videos.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have sheep and someone to train with!

I have been looking for someone who does herding and has sheep for 3 years. I have had leads but always ended in a dead end. I heard of someone in Prince George but couldn't track him down. Well after the AB Herding Dog Rescue workshop at Phantom Ridge I came back more determined than ever. Davie did so good there and was so happy and I was hooked. The stars must have aligned and said, "Okay it's time." because within a month I had found a person who runs dogs and has his own flock. We had a slight delay in weekly trips do to -25 temperatures and some wolves deciding they might want sheep for supper, but we were back out today. There is very little snow this year, so far, which is bad for snow shoeing and sledding but good for herding and tracking.

Here are some pictures from today, they aren't the greatest because it was foggy and overcast. Donna brought Quest out to meet sheep for the first time, he was intrigued.


                                        Apparently someone said we were going herding!

Waiting his turn

The sheep

At work

When is it our turn?


Discussing the term "Lie Down"

Plotting our next turn

Watching Quest

Quest watching Davie
Hey Davie this is really fun!!