Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Davie's Brag

Davie thinks that since he is Emmi's "brother" that he can be an uncle to her litter mates. And Emmi agrees with him. SOOOO Uncle  Davie is  proud to tell you that Emmi's brother, formally known as Sasquatch, is the latest mascot for the University of Tennessee Volunteers football team. He is Smokey X. For those of you who don't know thew history of the Bluetick Mascot at the U of T google Smokey mascot.There has been a BT mascot since 1953

Smokey X is the first BT to actually be born and raised in Tennessee so big kudos for Davis Branch Blueticks!

He is a picture of Smokey X the day he left for his new home on May 21st. He is a big boy at almost 28 pounds.

Smokey X

Thursday, May 24, 2012

A visit to the Labradors

We thought Emmi could use some play time with guys closer to her age and size. So after hitting the greenhouse for some much needed plants we stopped in to visit with the labs. As it turned out Davie had just as much if not more fun than Emmi. The labs live in a wonderful place, down a long lane with lots of yard to run in and a creek to play in. And apparently according to Davie they also have squirrels.

These pictures are from Erin, I love them
Emmi and Carbon

Victor and Emmi trying to decide who should jump first

Are you sure I can't walk the log jam instead?


We're off!!
That's not so bad.
Next it was Davie's turn to play. He had a ball with Chester and Verona. He and Verona were the perfect pair. She likes to play and be chased and Davie likes to herd!! The game of catch me if you can was very entertaining since it involved going around a round garden and then a bush.
Chester and Davie, two dogs only 3 feet on the ground

Largest tongue competition.

Davie and Verona

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Busy Weekend

We had the first outside agility trial of the year this past weekend. Davie and Emmi got to help set up on Friday then were observers for the weekend, Emmi got to meet a lot of people and dogs. Then on Monday we went to see horses, cows, sheep, ducks but not Tom the turkey. He was having a rest somewhere. The foals are between two and three weeks of age.

Watching the trail from jail

Whatcha want?

Get out of my way!

Couldn't resist a picture of this curly tail

Handsome guy

I need to grow into my legs!

Pretty mama and filly

Davie and his buddy Nick

A storm is coming.
I love the soft greens of spring

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Emmi meets the Hound Master

Maggie and I had the privilege of learning to trail/track with a awesome man. He was the one who really brought out the best in Maggie May. My only regret is that we couldn't have started working with him sooner. He has done a lot of work with his Bluetick/Bloodhound cross in man trailing. They have some of the highest awards available. I was able to work with his younger Bloodhound after Maggie left for the Rainbow Bridge. So I figured it was time that Emmi went to meet the Master and his hounds. She was a little nervous at first when the full hound bawling set in but relaxed very quickly. And the big hounds weren't quit sure what the high pitched hound type noise was about!!

We left with some exercises to begin doing with her. Mostly games of hide and seek outside.

Checking out good sniffs

Notice the similarity in the way they carry their tails

Will my nose really get as big as yours and work as good???
Sorry no pictures of the master tracking hound, he had his head in my pocket looking for treats!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fun in the Field

We went out to help fix fence for Jimmy the horses's move out to his summer pasture. Well some people fixed fence, I dog sat and took pictures. Needless to say everyone had fun, including the fence fixers.

Soon I will be able to keep up!

So windy, my earzz won't stay put

Love this

Bums on the run

A picture of sheer joy!

I'm running as fast as I can.

Watcha rollin in?

Smells a bit off to me

Mr long tongue
My favorite guy!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Davie and Bushy Tails

The squirrel word is forbidden inside the house. Davie is fascinated, should we say obsessed, with squirrels. But the good thing is he will call off so they are a great reward. Yesterday we spent along time watching a squirrel and Davie interact. The squirrel made a break for it the instant I called Davie.
The party of interest

The master hunter

Very cheeky squirrel, I think old man tree likes the massage from the BC grabs.
Way up in the tree

The apprentice
Practicing following the master

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Continuing Adventures of Emmi

Emmi has been visiting dogs and people.  And doing a lot of yard exploring. This morning she even went down stairs into the garage and barked at the door to go out. Here are some random pictures.

Me ans Shiloh checking out the rocks.

Something interesting was in here.

Don't these guys ever move?

I do not have big feet

Pleeeeeeeeeease can I go out there??

I like small toys!!
The two amigos