Monday, November 28, 2011

Strange Things

The snow shoeing was great until the big winds and big melt hit on Saturday night. We have encountered strange aliens on out treks.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Busy Week.

We had about 25 cm of snow last Wednesday so has made for fantastic snow shoeing and happy dogs. Unfortunately it has warmed up so now we are getting sticky snow and sloppy streets. You can never win in the in between season.

Davie and I attended a dog stretch class on Saturday evening. I had taken the weekend seminar on this about 5 years ago so this was a refresher. It is so interesting to watch a group of excited dogs sound asleep on their blankets after a good massage. So Davie now gets one after some of his crazy bush runs.

Then on Sunday we went to two seminars at Pawsitive Steps. The first one was Jump start your puppy/young dog and the second one was on shaping. They were super seminars. And thank goodness I have done more than a few correct things with Davie.  I also got some great tips and instruction on what we needed to work on. These seminars are always so much fun, not just watching the dogs but hanging out with a great bunch of people.

We went and played in the snow today in a big field and I tried to get some good pictures of the three amigos. So here are a few.

I KNOW you have treats!

Mine, ha ha!!

Can you breath? No, good!

Just pure fun


Wow nice place!

Come on are you sure you don't have any treats

Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy, CLEAN dog

Well it looks like the snow may have arrived for good on the weekend. And Davie is very happy, lots of snow baths and no more muddy dog. I think I am very happy too!
Happy Guy

Only one slight problem, since it has snowed the squirrels are less active.

Where are my squirrels?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Woo Hoo snow arrived last night!!

And Davie is a happy guy! There was a lot of running, sniffing and snow bathing on our walk this morning. I love the first snow fall. It is always so interesting to see what has been out and about. This is when you can see what the dogs are tracking. We had a great walk. This shows our route today.

Now Davie needs a rest!. If we walked almost 7 K, he must have done 30!

Too tired to climb the stairs

Could you bug off with the camera, can't a guy get a nap!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Davie and I did some heeling and Rally practice yesterday. Videoing our sessions really helps me see my mistakes. There are a few in this one. He is getting very good a heeling. Please excuse the "vaseline" look of the video. There was a big smug on the lens I didn't notice until I watched these videos. It has since been removed!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween- warning to Brad do not look!

Davie and I went trick or treating with the little kids down the street last night. Davie wasn't impressed with his Lady Bug costume, but if we took the hood off he was fine with it. He was awesome walking around with all the strange creatures out there. Maybe because he had a strange creature with him? It was a great experience for him. And it is so nice that fire works don't bother him!!

Bat Pumpkin

Davie the Laddie Bug - Please this is so humiliating!!

Davie and the strange creature with him, could you free my ears please?
Davie's favorite Beaver and the Skeleton