Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Perfect Puddle

Davie found the "Pièce de résistance" of puddles today. Lots of water, enough mud and the perfect depth! What more could a guy ask for???

Monday, July 25, 2011

We do actually do some training.

Since most of the pictures I post in this blog are of us running around or in puddles I thought I had better get some of us having fun doing classes. So this morning a very kind person took some pictures of us. Davie has been taking classes in obedience and agility building blocks since about March. This morning was an obedience/rally class. Davie is so much more relaxed in class.
Heeling Practice
The great thing about Davie is he is both food and toy motivated. And if he starts to get stressed you only have to have a play and he is back in "lets go mode".

He does like to tug!
When I were lucky enough to be able to spend a day and a half at Crufts three years ago I first heard of Cani-Course races. It is an awesome way to either hike or run with your dog but still have them on leash and your hands free. It is especially good for hiking hills as you can still use hiking poles and get a little help up the hills. Going down involves a lot of "easy" training. It develops great thigh muscles! Cani-Cross uses a padded waist belt, a special line that has a section of bungee like cord which is connected to a harness with good chest padding. We have been using a sled harness. The equipment very similar to that used for skijoring. I have had Davie in this since about May. There is a Cani-Cross Meet and Fun Run in Quesnel in August. So Davie and I and one of his husky buddies and her person are going to go try it.  This is the first one I have heard of up in this region.
Davie in training for Cani-Cross

Yes we have been in a mud puddle.
It has definitely been a prime year for "Puddle Man".

Monday, July 18, 2011

So Quiet!

Well Catja and Benji have gone home and Davie misses them, even though he gets to walk with them every day. Although I do think he enjoys the fact that no one is borrowing his bed. But we have discovered he likes the bed I had upstairs for Benji. He is a little large for it but doesn't seem to care. His head won't fit but the carpet works as a chin rest.

Huh, what, I do so fit!

Sorry eyes won't stay open.
Davie likes spending time on the deck surveying his domain. It is a good spot to keep an eye on those pesky squirrels

I'm listening to you!
And sometimes it is just a nice place to relax.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Crazy Dogs

It has been a blast having Catja and Benji for the past 12 days. Davie will be sad to see them go home on Saturday. We have established a daily routine which is a short walk down the street every morning to see what has happened in the neighbourhood over night, followed by breakfast.  Apparently something really interesting was around last night because there was A LOT of sniffing and checking out places this morning. Way more than normal. Time to set up the critter cam.

We went for a walk with Molly the mini Labradoodle and her person yesterday. It was an awesome walk through some beautiful places that I had no idea existed. We are really lucky in PG to have so many great places to walk. We were going to go the Moore's Meadow, AKA the great dandelion place, but Saturday we saw a huge black bear down at the far end of the meadow and decided to leave him in peace. There is so much lush vegetation around there that the bears are in feast land.

After breakfast Davie and Catja play like a pair of nut cases. Benji watches from either his bed or the couch. They are so funny to watch and also so interesting. It is amazing the amount of Dog language you can observe. I got a short video this morning, sorry it is so poor but I grabbed the closest video device and it was the phone.
This is the closest they have come to knocking something over. The play started again about a minute later and the air cleaner survived it's knock. They also have an up and down the stairs game that I haven't managed to catch on video. I even sat in the corner and pretended to read but when the camera came out they were more interested in me. One is at the top the other at the bottom. They take turns posturing then run by each other and change positions with each other. It is a hoot.

Friday, July 8, 2011

What to do with restless ones on a rainy day???

You go to the centre and do some training then you play!! It is July 8th, 7 degrees and pouring rain. There were three dogs looking for trouble, well really only two, Benji is too dignified and mature to be doing some thing like that. So off we went. We did some obedience work. move backs, wobble boards, mat work and free shaping. then it was time for their free for all.

Not to be left out Benji beat up the coatimundi!! Who says an 11 year old guy can't play!

So now Davie is in his favorite place under the desk, Benji is in his bed and Catja is sleeping in the middle of the king sized bed. I think it may be time to go watch the Tour de France on the PVR and or read! I may have to light the stove to stay warm! But that's okay we like inside days when the lawn was mowed the day before!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Three Howlers

Davie is sad and happy. He is sad because the guy with the weird smelling suitcase has gone back to Tokyo just when he was beginning to really like him. Especially the miniwheats he eats for breakfast. How well did he like him, good enough to sit and hit him with a paw if he wasn't sharing!! And not to bark at him when he came in or out of a door. After about 20 practices of in and out various doors. And he taught Davie to sing and then Davie formed a trio with his house guests for the next two weeks.
So Davie is happy because Catja and Benji have come to stay while their human is in Maui. It is pretty rough around here for a dog, no comfy place to sleep. More like no place for humans to sit!
We had lots of fun while that guy was here. We went walking up our favorite trails and got to try some new ones.

Puddleman, lots to chose from!

I was nice walking, cool and no mosquitoes, but we were lucky because look what was in a puddle on the way down! Mosquitoe larvae getting ready to hatch, wouldn't have wanted to be around that evening!
And Davie and Shiloh took that guy for a cart ride. Davie is planning on auditioning for the sled dog team for this winter. He thinks a Border Collie would be a great addition to a team of four Huskys!

You remember Davie's friend Stryker, he is a nosy one!

So Davie gets to play with his buddies for the next two weeks. Today they were helping to pull weeds. Benji supervised, Catja was looking for bugs to roll in and of course Davie was making sure the Jolly Ball was in use!! I did manage to collect them for a photo opportunity.