Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas from the Elf BC and the Reindeer BT

We hope everyone has a great day. Enjoy what you like doing best.

This is painful

Much better

I agree!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

It's getting cold!

We have had a great two weeks of weather, lots of snow, great temperatures, by which I mean below 0 and above -12. So there has been a lot of winter activity going on. And one of Emmi's favorite persons dropped by for a visit on his way back to Japan. So we had our Christmas turkey last Sunday. Christmas Day will be pretty low key around here and it looks like we could be limited to short plays outside. -20 is a little on the cool side to head into the bush for a snow shoe. I think I'm getting wimpy! So we maybe shaping a lot of tricks in the next while to keep brains busy.

Here are some pictures from the last two weeks of snow fun.
Front yard

Are we there yet?

He's off!

Moose Earzzz

Ready for Take Off
Thanks to Brad for all the pictures but the first one.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Well it kinda snowed!

It started early this morning and it is still coming down. It is absolutely gorgeous out there, especially if you don't have to go anywhere. I am hoping for a little sun tomorrow so I can get some tree ghost pictures. But for today we have some pictures of snow crazies. No snow shoeing today too much snow removal to do. So we played tag in the snow instead! Benji even ploughed through the snow to see why I was sitting in it!

Race track action

Oops she caught us!

Yoga on the run!

Bums on the move!

Tired, come on lets go!

What can I say!

Ear action!


Special appearance by Benji

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Fun Stuff

Many apologies for not posting in a while, I have no good excuses except I can't understand where time goes. It could be that since I am retired I am not as organized or I can really procrastinate now! It is also that it is that time of year when the window for taking outside pictures narrows especially for action shots. We have had our usually weird November/December weather, snow, cold, rain, and yuck! There was a beautiful snowfall the last couple of days so hopefully it stays cold and doesn't melt! We had a great walk yesterday with a troop of dogs and I managed to get some pictures, which can be challenging with a hound on a flexi!

I have included a picture of  Laddie, he is an old gentleman collie than often joins us on our walks. He hears Davie and appears out of a path on the road. He is such a sweetheart, I would love to kidnap him. Everyone who walks up there knows Laddie. I really don't understand his people. How can they just let him out like that on his own! What really bothers me is that there are cougars in the area at times and he is getting to the age where he is very vulnerable. I only hope he keeps his outings with people.

The troop

Mr Long Tongue

Laddie, our buddy

I smells a MOUSE
Nope he's gone!
Neighbourhood deer, sorry for the green tint from the truck window


Another tired
Waiting while I make our supper and theirs.