Sunday, July 29, 2012

Davie had a bath today.

Well his version of a bath. Apparently the mud is premo for softening your skin!!

Notice the clean tongue

Davie's daily dose of essential minerals

You should try it, it's lots of fun!
A tricolour, black, white and grey!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What we have been up to.

It's been crazy busy lately. I really don't know where the time has gone. It is almost the end of July!! We went to Pawsitive Steps Puppy Camp in Quesnel this past weekend. It was for Emmi but the camp experience was also very good for Davie. He was such a good boy. It wasn't very much fun having to spend the day in an xpen. But he did get to meet a bunch of new friends and taught Reggie how to open the door to his trailer so they could come find us for a visit. That was when he moved to the xpen so he could watch the action. It was way too hot for me, I don't function well in the heat and I could definitely tell by Friday afternoon. It was a great experience, not only for what we learned but just the socialization opportunity for the dogs and the people. We camped in out truck tent and we are happy to report that the wind didn't blow it away and it did not leak during a couple of good thunder storms. We don't have any pictures of me making an idiot of myself but trust me some are on their way.
Our Tent

We have been spending a lot of time in the yard, watering, weeding and chasing squirrels.

Taking time to smell the flowers

Squirrel Patrol

Emmi learned how to pick saskatoons

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Time goes too fast!!

Well it appears summer has arrived in northern BC. It has been warm/hot and sunny now for a week. We made another trip to Quesnel to visit the labs at Eromit Labrador Retrievers last week. I finally got to meet Nestle the grand matriarch of the clan. She is a beautiful old soul of 15 years. She now gets to observe her great great grand puppies.

Davie got to herd his favorite black sheep, AKA Verona. And Jackie also joined in the fun this time. Emmi got to play with Victor who is 3 weeks younger than her but almost as big. We also got a picture of the Tennessee Trio, Chester, Shelby and Emmi. Chester and Shelby come from LockFive Labs in Lebanon, TN, just up the road from Davis Branch Blueticks in Shelbyville.

We also did a special puppy prep class for the Pawsitive Steps Puppy Camp in Quesnel next weekend. We have been doing our homework so it should be a fun weekend. We get to stay in our new truck tent. Other than that we have been doing yard work and trying to stay cool. Oh yes and watching Le Tour de France. Well I have the other two would sooner sleep.
Jackie, Verona and Davie

Verona and Davie

Victor got my attention so Emmi could go for the hair scrunchie

Emmi and Victor practicing their circus act

The Tennessee Trio, Emmi, Shelby and Chester, and no I am not in pain!

How come he doesn't fall over
Thanks to Erin for most of the above pictures.

 Oh and Davie got to add another puppy to his puppy list and this one is a Border Collie. His name is Teddy and he is the new little brother for Reggie and Josie the Golden Retrievers. Emmi kinda likes him too.
Davie doing one of his favorite things, herding puppies

Don't worry I'm looking after them

 I wrote this post yesterday and didn't publish. I am so sorry to say that Nestle passed over the Rainbow Bridge today. I am so happy I had the privilege of looking into those wise old eyes that were as clear as a puppy's. There are some dogs that you know have a wise old soul and have been around many times, Nestle was one of these dogs. It will be different at Eromit with out the Matriarch but she will always be there and watching the antics of the puppies that are part of her legacy. R.I.P beautiful lady. To see Nestle's picture check this link Or Eromit also has a FaceBook page with wonderful pictures.