Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Which one to pick???

Here are some new pictures of the girls. It is so hard to pick even though Wendy has given me lots of information on the three. Maybe I should print a picture of each one, put them on the floor and let Davie pick his sister!!

Miss Pink - and yes I think she is having a pee!!

Miss Mauve - so sweet looking

Miss Purple - the adventurer?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Interesting Weekend

So on Friday we got to meet Chibi. He is a Jack Russel who was coming to spend the weekend with the wieners. And since Sir Lincolnshire also know as Linc the Dink ( I named him this) can sometimes have "issues" with other dogs we decided to have a meet and greet at Catja and Benjis place because they have a HUGE fenced in back yard. I must say the meet and greet went extremely well. And here are some pictures of the various participants.


White and black/black and white

and we add black to the equation

Gotta love wiener bums!!
Then on Sunday we went dog sledding to Barkerville. it is such an awesome place to go. In case you don't know at one time Barkerville was the most populous city north of San Francisco during the gold rush days. It was an absolutely fabulous day. Davie didn't get to go sledding as it got too soft, but he got to come cross country skiing with me. We are not quite brave enough to try skijoring. We need wider shorter skis! Here are some Siberian pics and some Barkerville pics.

I see them!!

Lexi deciding to come see me!!

Barkerville main street

Stay tuned, new puppy pictures coming soon!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunny Walk with the Wieners

And now for a completely different dog! The wieners came for a hike in the fresh snow and sun today and everyone had a blast. I nice ATV had even made wiener sized roads for us to come down the road. Everyone had a ball.

Molly contemplating a snow bath

The gang

Did someone say come??

Linc on the move!

Chorizo, sure smells like moose pee to me.

Weiner roads.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Saint Patricks Day

 Molly is here for Spring Break, but she is wondering why every time she visits silly hats appear!!

Here we go again!!

Davie Boyo

Davie and Molly were celebrating, I think she had too much Guiness!

Will this do?
  And now for a nap after the Saint Patrick's Day hike. They both fit under the desk.


Take the big black eye away, a guy needs a nap.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Davie's Little Sister

The puppies were three weeks old yesterday and are starting to look more like tiny hounds. Here are some pictures that Wendy sent me yesterday of the three girls. Davie is getting very excited he tried to jump into the monitor when I played the video yesterday!

Misses Mauve, Pink and Purple

Misses Pink, Mauve and Purple

Miss Pink

Miss Mauve

Miss Purple

Monday, March 12, 2012

Busy Week

We had an awesome week of snow shoeing and I think it may have come to an end. Walking is still good though. Davie had another sleep over with the huskies and got to herd huskies and chase squirrels while I spent Saturday at the Top Dog Agility Trial. He was exhausted when I picked him up. Which was a good thing because he got lots of recovery time in his crate at the trial on Sunday. I swear if he had been in an xpen I would have crawled in and had a rest with him! I wasn't even running a dog and I was exhausted, I don't know how people who go to trials weekend after weekend do it! I've been away from trials too long, I forgot how much goes on!!

I is tooo tired to care!!

I know it's down here!!

I'm a good girl, pleeeeeeeeeease can I have a treat?

Sir Lincolnshire AKA Linc

I have no pictures from this week but I have to add these. I was visiting the wieners down the street to let them out and got some interesting pictures of mt two favorite sausage dogs. Linc loves to catch snow balls.Sorry Julie but I had to borrow pictures of your dogs.

Stay tuned new puppy pictures tomorrow, Davie's sister is growing, which girlie will it be???

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Davie's little sister

After much soul searching, breeder investigation and a lot of mind changes the decision was made, we are going to get a Bluetick Coonhound puppy. The dog choice this time was the guy who lives in this place with us. We had looked a a coonhound rescue but decided that a puppy would be a better option for Davie and for other reasons. This was a very hard decision because there are so many dogs out there needing homes and I always feel guilty passing on them. But as my wise other half said," You can't wait another ten years to get a pup, you'll be too old for a coonhound pup!" Well thanks a lot, but he is right, so many things can change and Davie is so good with puppies that he deserves one of his own. So the search for a reputable breeder began and it wasn't easy because I am very fussy. I know some super breeders in the area of different breeds so I knew what I wanted in a breeder. And it would have been so much easier to go with one of them but I am a scent hound person, there is something about them that connects directly to my heart. And above all dog activities I am addicted to trailing/tracking. But I think herding may give that addiction a run for the money as Davie and I get into it more. So I will have the perfect pair a BC and a coonhound.
I was very fortunate to stumble upon a Bluetick breeder who was featured in the Animal Planets Dogs 101. Davis Branch Blueticks is located in Shelbyville, Tennessee which is about 90 kilomters south and slightly east of Nashville. I emailed Wendy and found out that she had two females that would be giving birth towards the end of February. So after numerous emails the decision was made. They are a long way away from Prince George and this will be the first puppy to become a Canadian. 
 On February 21st, Fat Tuesday, Pancake Tuesday, or Shrove Tuesday L'il Lucy Lulu gave birth to eight puppies, 3 girls and 5 boys. And we get the pick of the girls. And no we aren't going to call her Pancake, she will have a true southern name. This is a picture of the 3 girls at 5 days of age. Miss Pink, Miss Mauve and Miss Purple.

 And this is Mama Lucy Lu and her bunch. Isn't Mama Lucy a sweetheart?
Lucy Lulu and her babies
Wendy's second female, Cora gave birth to 12 puppies on February 29th! Too cool.

Wendy's website is
You can also find them on FaceBook and see more puppy pictures including Cora's 12. And you can see a picture of Pokey Joe the proud papa of both litter.
That's all for now, flight to Nashville is booked, puppy is coming back in the cabin with me.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Davie had a Sleep over

Davie and I went to visit border collies and horses yesterday with Fran. Davie got to play,"who can pee higher and more", with Nick. Fran got to ride and I got to watch. And I will confess for the first time in 35 years I rode a horse, just for maybe 10 minutes. And yes it was awesome and felt so good and so natural.

Davie also discovered a livestock trailer with three sheep!! I couldn't understand what he was doing, he kept sniffing it then going around one way and then the other. Well there were three sheep waiting to be unloaded!

Davie then stayed with his husky buddies for the day and night. It is the first time he has been away from home for the night. He was a little worried but had his best friends and Fran. It was good for him. But it was sure quiet around here. I kept wondering what to do with myself so I cleaned the house I didn't do the week before!

We had a great week snow shoeing, the weather has been beautiful, another big snow dump today, although this is snow man snow NOT snow shoeing snow. It is beautiful and sunny out right now.

Here are some pictures from last Sunday's snow shoe with Catja and two of the huskies.

Catja and Ivan checking things out

Best Buddies


Crap this tree hole is deeper than I thought!

Furry bums

Border Collie fly by!

Are you coming??
Coming soon, pictures and information on Davie's new sister from the south!! Are you curious yet???