Sunday, March 4, 2012

Davie's little sister

After much soul searching, breeder investigation and a lot of mind changes the decision was made, we are going to get a Bluetick Coonhound puppy. The dog choice this time was the guy who lives in this place with us. We had looked a a coonhound rescue but decided that a puppy would be a better option for Davie and for other reasons. This was a very hard decision because there are so many dogs out there needing homes and I always feel guilty passing on them. But as my wise other half said," You can't wait another ten years to get a pup, you'll be too old for a coonhound pup!" Well thanks a lot, but he is right, so many things can change and Davie is so good with puppies that he deserves one of his own. So the search for a reputable breeder began and it wasn't easy because I am very fussy. I know some super breeders in the area of different breeds so I knew what I wanted in a breeder. And it would have been so much easier to go with one of them but I am a scent hound person, there is something about them that connects directly to my heart. And above all dog activities I am addicted to trailing/tracking. But I think herding may give that addiction a run for the money as Davie and I get into it more. So I will have the perfect pair a BC and a coonhound.
I was very fortunate to stumble upon a Bluetick breeder who was featured in the Animal Planets Dogs 101. Davis Branch Blueticks is located in Shelbyville, Tennessee which is about 90 kilomters south and slightly east of Nashville. I emailed Wendy and found out that she had two females that would be giving birth towards the end of February. So after numerous emails the decision was made. They are a long way away from Prince George and this will be the first puppy to become a Canadian. 
 On February 21st, Fat Tuesday, Pancake Tuesday, or Shrove Tuesday L'il Lucy Lulu gave birth to eight puppies, 3 girls and 5 boys. And we get the pick of the girls. And no we aren't going to call her Pancake, she will have a true southern name. This is a picture of the 3 girls at 5 days of age. Miss Pink, Miss Mauve and Miss Purple.

 And this is Mama Lucy Lu and her bunch. Isn't Mama Lucy a sweetheart?
Lucy Lulu and her babies
Wendy's second female, Cora gave birth to 12 puppies on February 29th! Too cool.

Wendy's website is 
You can also find them on FaceBook and see more puppy pictures including Cora's 12. And you can see a picture of Pokey Joe the proud papa of both litter.
That's all for now, flight to Nashville is booked, puppy is coming back in the cabin with me.

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  1. how exciting!!! we have a coonhound that comes to the daycare where I work, his name is Boomer & I LOVE him!!