Sunday, March 25, 2012

Interesting Weekend

So on Friday we got to meet Chibi. He is a Jack Russel who was coming to spend the weekend with the wieners. And since Sir Lincolnshire also know as Linc the Dink ( I named him this) can sometimes have "issues" with other dogs we decided to have a meet and greet at Catja and Benjis place because they have a HUGE fenced in back yard. I must say the meet and greet went extremely well. And here are some pictures of the various participants.


White and black/black and white

and we add black to the equation

Gotta love wiener bums!!
Then on Sunday we went dog sledding to Barkerville. it is such an awesome place to go. In case you don't know at one time Barkerville was the most populous city north of San Francisco during the gold rush days. It was an absolutely fabulous day. Davie didn't get to go sledding as it got too soft, but he got to come cross country skiing with me. We are not quite brave enough to try skijoring. We need wider shorter skis! Here are some Siberian pics and some Barkerville pics.

I see them!!

Lexi deciding to come see me!!

Barkerville main street

Stay tuned, new puppy pictures coming soon!!!

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