Monday, March 12, 2012

Busy Week

We had an awesome week of snow shoeing and I think it may have come to an end. Walking is still good though. Davie had another sleep over with the huskies and got to herd huskies and chase squirrels while I spent Saturday at the Top Dog Agility Trial. He was exhausted when I picked him up. Which was a good thing because he got lots of recovery time in his crate at the trial on Sunday. I swear if he had been in an xpen I would have crawled in and had a rest with him! I wasn't even running a dog and I was exhausted, I don't know how people who go to trials weekend after weekend do it! I've been away from trials too long, I forgot how much goes on!!

I is tooo tired to care!!

I know it's down here!!

I'm a good girl, pleeeeeeeeeease can I have a treat?

Sir Lincolnshire AKA Linc

I have no pictures from this week but I have to add these. I was visiting the wieners down the street to let them out and got some interesting pictures of mt two favorite sausage dogs. Linc loves to catch snow balls.Sorry Julie but I had to borrow pictures of your dogs.

Stay tuned new puppy pictures tomorrow, Davie's sister is growing, which girlie will it be???

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  1. OMG a Dachshund that loves snow! I dog sit one & he hates, snow, cold , wind & rain :)