Saturday, March 3, 2012

Davie had a Sleep over

Davie and I went to visit border collies and horses yesterday with Fran. Davie got to play,"who can pee higher and more", with Nick. Fran got to ride and I got to watch. And I will confess for the first time in 35 years I rode a horse, just for maybe 10 minutes. And yes it was awesome and felt so good and so natural.

Davie also discovered a livestock trailer with three sheep!! I couldn't understand what he was doing, he kept sniffing it then going around one way and then the other. Well there were three sheep waiting to be unloaded!

Davie then stayed with his husky buddies for the day and night. It is the first time he has been away from home for the night. He was a little worried but had his best friends and Fran. It was good for him. But it was sure quiet around here. I kept wondering what to do with myself so I cleaned the house I didn't do the week before!

We had a great week snow shoeing, the weather has been beautiful, another big snow dump today, although this is snow man snow NOT snow shoeing snow. It is beautiful and sunny out right now.

Here are some pictures from last Sunday's snow shoe with Catja and two of the huskies.

Catja and Ivan checking things out

Best Buddies


Crap this tree hole is deeper than I thought!

Furry bums

Border Collie fly by!

Are you coming??
Coming soon, pictures and information on Davie's new sister from the south!! Are you curious yet???

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