Monday, October 24, 2011

Seasons are Changing

Sheep herding clinics are over until next year which is a sad because Davie was really good and I think I might have even learned a few things. So we are back to cleaning up and getting ready for winter, doing training at the centre and walking in the bush. Winter isn't far away there is snow up on the hills.

It's coming!!
Clematis Seeds
But to never let Davie settle into too boring of a routine we went to visit Willow the horse yesterday. Willow belongs to the huskies person. We saw some cute little guys that were born this past spring. They are getting really hairy, so does this mean we are in for a cold winter? Which is a pretty dumb question because winters are usually cold.

We decided to go out into the field with Willow and let Davie have a good run. He hadn't had a good field run since we left Saskatchewan. He had a ball and we practised our downs at a distance and it was a very far distance. He has the most beautiful out run. He also decided that riding with Willow was great. You honestly would have thought he had spent a lot of time with horses. Willow has grown up with border collies so she is comfortable with dogs. It was a great day and on the way home Davie got to play with the huskies

Willow and Davie

                    These are just random horse pictures because I love horses

Aren't I cute?

I just love this mare, she is so regal

Sunday, October 16, 2011


I think we are finally getting it. I know Davie is and I may be a little less confused. He was awesome yesterday. He made me so proud I was close to tears, I lie I was teary. And thanks to a great instructor and fellow dog people and a beautiful day. Oh and how could I forget, thanks to the great sheep!!

So here's the link to the video of run two. I might add that you also get a bit of comic relief from yours truly.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Sheep Herding Clinic

Davie and I are taking out third clinic this weekend. Today was day one. Our other two clinics have been in the arena, this one is outside and it was a beautiful day. I have decided I am a definite klutz and need a clinic on how to work with sheep and move before I try to work with a dog! Poor Davie, sheep and me to put up with. Here is a short clip of us with me not knowing my one left from my other left. Apparently not knowing right from left intuitively is an actual diagnosable syndrome!!

Hopefully I will get my act together by tomorrow. Helllllllllllllllllllllllllp!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

What's Up

We have been home three weeks yesterday and it has been a busy three weeks. We went and looked after horses and dogs during out first week home. This is always fun because Davie gets to visit his husky friends.
The eye collection

Samantha the malamute sweetie


The crew, Davie is hunting squirrels
This is the one husky that I think is a reincarnation of someone very important because she likes looking at herself in the bathroom mirror. This is what happens if the door is open and the light is on.
Mirror, mirror on the wall aren't I the fairest of them all!!!
The rest of the time we have been walking and cleaning up the yard to get ready for winter.

New friend Meggie

I have a big tongue
The only bears we have seen so far this year

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Road Home

We headed off later in the morning stopping to check on cattle then off to Manyberries via Regina, Swift Current and Medicine Hat. The Trans Canada is not as interesting as the Red Coat Trial and far too busy to stop and take random pictures. So what did we leave behind . Have a look below.

A poor maple with chunks of bark missing from Davie grabbing it when hunting squirrels
A large hole and ditch from trying to bury a Jolly Ball or just having fun
Burdock, not sad to see the end of this monster.
Davie lost a good percentage of his ruff to the removal of burdock burrs. the record was 8 at one time!!

It is sad to see the demise of the old elevators but progress always comes at a price. I didn't have a chance to take a picture of some of the huge inland terminals that have replaced these old wooden guys. The Bender elevator is special as it is one of the few left standing and belongs to my parents. My grandfather and uncle also worked as agents at this elevator, so there are many familiar ghosts.
The Bender Elevator
This is what has replaced the old elevators

Manyberries old station
 After spending the night in Manyberries we headed north to dinosaur country. I hadn't been in this area since I was about 10! The Tyrell Exhibit is fantastic and our timing was perfect, sunny, 18 degrees and very few people.
You can't fool me, he's a dummy

Bad Lands

We drove from Drumheller to Rocky Mountain House and spent the night there in the Best Western. Great hotel for dogs, the back door opens up into a huge field so we had lots of room to run off some of the excess energy from driving all day. Then crash between the beds.
Sleepy boy

It is a beautiful drive from RMH to the park, great road little traffic. I do appreciate the great roads in Alberta, even some of the less travelled are wonderful. I made a point of staying off the main roads as much as possible just to see different sights.

Saskatchewan Crossing

Ice fields
It's really snow!!!
It was a great trip and it was amazing what it did for Davie's self confidence. He came home a more settled and confident dog. But I think the best part of the trip was being able to meet Amanda and personally thank her for letting Davie come into our lives. Thank you Amanda!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Old Buildings

This post is not about Davie but is a collection of pictures of old buildings that we saw during out road trip. There is a certain sadness in looking at these places. You always wonder if the house misses the laughter of the families that used to live there. And sometimes in the wind that blows through the broken windows or holes in the walls I am sure you can hear the voices of generations past. I was shocked at how many buildings are now gone. In some places all you see to tell you there once was a farmyard is the groupings of caraganas, lilacs and Manitoba Maples. In other sites all that remains is one lonely big old tree. If those trees could only tell us their stories.

Old Sheep Station

Old church southern Saskatchewan

Bender Elevator

Hub Cafe in Kipling

Station in Kennedy - getting a new lease on life

Old slaughter house

My maternal grandparents house

Old School on Windthorst

Neelby Elevators

My great uncle's old house now the home of the turkey vultures

Bekevar Church-100 years old this year

Entrance to the church

Bender again

The leaning barn

Manyberries station

I missed a few places I should have taken pictures of, I only hope they are still standing for the next trip.