Monday, October 24, 2011

Seasons are Changing

Sheep herding clinics are over until next year which is a sad because Davie was really good and I think I might have even learned a few things. So we are back to cleaning up and getting ready for winter, doing training at the centre and walking in the bush. Winter isn't far away there is snow up on the hills.

It's coming!!
Clematis Seeds
But to never let Davie settle into too boring of a routine we went to visit Willow the horse yesterday. Willow belongs to the huskies person. We saw some cute little guys that were born this past spring. They are getting really hairy, so does this mean we are in for a cold winter? Which is a pretty dumb question because winters are usually cold.

We decided to go out into the field with Willow and let Davie have a good run. He hadn't had a good field run since we left Saskatchewan. He had a ball and we practised our downs at a distance and it was a very far distance. He has the most beautiful out run. He also decided that riding with Willow was great. You honestly would have thought he had spent a lot of time with horses. Willow has grown up with border collies so she is comfortable with dogs. It was a great day and on the way home Davie got to play with the huskies

Willow and Davie

                    These are just random horse pictures because I love horses

Aren't I cute?

I just love this mare, she is so regal

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