Sunday, October 2, 2011

Old Buildings

This post is not about Davie but is a collection of pictures of old buildings that we saw during out road trip. There is a certain sadness in looking at these places. You always wonder if the house misses the laughter of the families that used to live there. And sometimes in the wind that blows through the broken windows or holes in the walls I am sure you can hear the voices of generations past. I was shocked at how many buildings are now gone. In some places all you see to tell you there once was a farmyard is the groupings of caraganas, lilacs and Manitoba Maples. In other sites all that remains is one lonely big old tree. If those trees could only tell us their stories.

Old Sheep Station

Old church southern Saskatchewan

Bender Elevator

Hub Cafe in Kipling

Station in Kennedy - getting a new lease on life

Old slaughter house

My maternal grandparents house

Old School on Windthorst

Neelby Elevators

My great uncle's old house now the home of the turkey vultures

Bekevar Church-100 years old this year

Entrance to the church

Bender again

The leaning barn

Manyberries station

I missed a few places I should have taken pictures of, I only hope they are still standing for the next trip.

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