Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Road Home

We headed off later in the morning stopping to check on cattle then off to Manyberries via Regina, Swift Current and Medicine Hat. The Trans Canada is not as interesting as the Red Coat Trial and far too busy to stop and take random pictures. So what did we leave behind . Have a look below.

A poor maple with chunks of bark missing from Davie grabbing it when hunting squirrels
A large hole and ditch from trying to bury a Jolly Ball or just having fun
Burdock, not sad to see the end of this monster.
Davie lost a good percentage of his ruff to the removal of burdock burrs. the record was 8 at one time!!

It is sad to see the demise of the old elevators but progress always comes at a price. I didn't have a chance to take a picture of some of the huge inland terminals that have replaced these old wooden guys. The Bender elevator is special as it is one of the few left standing and belongs to my parents. My grandfather and uncle also worked as agents at this elevator, so there are many familiar ghosts.
The Bender Elevator
This is what has replaced the old elevators

Manyberries old station
 After spending the night in Manyberries we headed north to dinosaur country. I hadn't been in this area since I was about 10! The Tyrell Exhibit is fantastic and our timing was perfect, sunny, 18 degrees and very few people.
You can't fool me, he's a dummy

Bad Lands

We drove from Drumheller to Rocky Mountain House and spent the night there in the Best Western. Great hotel for dogs, the back door opens up into a huge field so we had lots of room to run off some of the excess energy from driving all day. Then crash between the beds.
Sleepy boy

It is a beautiful drive from RMH to the park, great road little traffic. I do appreciate the great roads in Alberta, even some of the less travelled are wonderful. I made a point of staying off the main roads as much as possible just to see different sights.

Saskatchewan Crossing

Ice fields
It's really snow!!!
It was a great trip and it was amazing what it did for Davie's self confidence. He came home a more settled and confident dog. But I think the best part of the trip was being able to meet Amanda and personally thank her for letting Davie come into our lives. Thank you Amanda!!


  1. Those burdocks remind me that when Davie was about 10 weeks old, we were in Michigan and somewhere Davie picked up TONS of burdocks in his baby hair. I had to bring him in the camper and sit on the floor and while we watched "Bolt" I picked them all out of him. He was such a good boy but it was a big pain in the butt!

  2. Took me 15 minutes to pull them out and he was ver patient!! Still a very good boy! Love him sooooo much, thank you. Going herding this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.