Sunday, February 27, 2011

Davie Puppy Pictures

This is what he looked like as a puppy. Thank you Jenny for the pictures. And I hear he was a bit of a trouble maker!

Holly Cow can it Snow here!!!

Friday it was back into the bush for a snow shoe. The open areas where pretty blown in and hard for the dogs so we stayed on the bush trails. No moose but lots of rabbit tracks.
Saturday we went street walking so Benji could come with us. The streets were clear of loose snow so Mr. Short Legs (Benji) had no problems. It was also good for Davie as he got to see more people and places. Next we went to have tea with a very pretty wavy blond mini labradoodle named Molly. Davie and Molly basically ignored each other which was OK. Davie got to meet three new humans and was pretty good. They were good at just ignoring him and letting him set his own pace. He definitely is more wary of men than women. He also got to see some cats which seemed to amuse him!! Especially when one chased him down the hall.

 It has snowed over 20 cm in the last 24 hours but Davie doesn't seem to mind. How ever it did postpone our visit to see some fellow BCs until next week.

Davie's Street

Where is that ball??
Finally found it!
Now to swim my way out.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Days 10, 11 and 12

Davie has got into my work routine very nicely. He doesn't really care for the parrot alarm clock but at least he has now stopped trying to grab it. One thing for sure I wake up fast! Not to sure he is crazy about getting up at 5 and walking down the road in the dark but the smells are intriguing especially if the deer have been down the road. But yesterday morning he looked at me as much as to say" Are you nuts lady it's too cold out here lets go home." So we did. He claims he left Alberta to get away from the wind but it has been here the last two days.
Davie's favorite place.

No snow shoeing yesterday or today as the wind chill is -30 in the open and our moose buddies are hanging out on the bush trails. So yesterday we hung around home and watched hockey with the man person.

Got you Prairie Boy

Today we went over to Catja's and ran in the back yard. The little whiskery  face guy is Catja's pal Benji.


So tomorrow is Friday, two weeks since I met Davie in Edmonton. He has come a long way in many respects.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 9 - A Big Day

So it was back to work for me today. Davie got to spend quality time with his man person. I got a very nice phone call at about 8 to say that Davie had been looking for me but had settled down nicely and was checking to see where this man person was. I came home at 1130 to let him out for a bog stop and a play. He was happy to see me but settled down when I told him it was back to work. He is the best mannered guy I have ever seen, he just lays about or wanders about checking things out. Such a sweetie.
Careful Prairie Boy I was here first!!
We went for a snow shoe after work and Davie got to have a good run off leash in the open area. We stayed clear of moose country today. I think Davie and Catja like the snow almost as much as me. Have a look.

We love winter!!

Can't catch me Prairie Boy

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 7 and 8 in Davie's words

I really like morning walks EXCEPT when it is -32!! So we skipped Saturday. But we did get to go to the Neat Pet Store again. And this time I met a really nice girl. She fed me treats and let me play with her dog. And I bought a special Husky key chain for my Auntie Franny! And I must admit I convinced my person to buy me a few things. I wasn't pushy just poked my nose in a few things. I like this town there are realy neat places, BUT I could do with out the holes in the roads. I must say that Alberta roads are WAY better! Lucky I have good teeth or they might have fallen put by now!
We went to visit some different horses. It was fun, cold but sunny and I got to give Aunty Franny her present. She is sooo nice.
Then I went and ran tinnels with Catja in her back yard.

Only now I have learned how to run on top and jump the tunnels too! Then I went home and had a bunch of Kongs to clean out. I LOVE Kongs!

On Sunday we went to visit the Huskies and I got to walk down the road with Shiloh. I like him he is very confident and quiet and tells me things are fine and that if I need any help he will be there to help me. There are lots of excellent treats in their house. I love my Aunty Franny!

My person stopped at Costco to do some shopping so I had a nap. I like this truck riding,except for the pot holes!
We went for a walk in the bush and I got to run off leash with Catja in a big open area. It was fun but there is soooo much snow! Then we went back down the path by the river. AND I saw my first moose, actually two moose. They are huge! My person told me to be quiet because they were eating and I shouldn't scare them. We back tracked and went out a different way so as not to bother them. They are very big!! But I know they are hungry and it looked like a very safe place for them to live.

I am now lying on my bed cleaning out a Kong. Life is good and the man person doesn't seem to be soo bad. I think I like him more and more. He sure has good treats.

So I have been here a week. I am beginning to think this is where I really belong! But all the trees and snow are really strange. I'll send pictures of my street tomorrow!

That's all from me Davie the Dog, or as my person calls me sometimes, Davie the Duck! Strange I don't think I quack

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Last two Days

Davie spent day 4 at home enjoying the peace and quiet. We thought he needed a break from new things and to just hang out. We did our normal walk down the street to check out what was happening in the neighborhood. Then we went over to Catja's for a run in the tunnels. This is their favorite game. Davie running the tunnels and Catja leaping from bank to bank over top of him. He settles down wonderfully in the house after their play.

On Friday ( Day 5)we spent time in the morning lying around with Danny. Davie has gone from having to be bribed to get up on the bed to jumping up on his own and lying between Danny and I. He relaxes and has a good snooze.

In the afternoon he went and stayed with Catja while I got my hair done. I am sure Davie is now wondering why I no longer look like either a skunk or a strange Border Collier since the white strip is gone. He was the perfect gentleman at CP's place. Two friends of CPs dropped in for coffee and he was a perfect gentleman. When I got there everyone was sitting around the table and he was quite content to lay on the floor and listen to the cackling, plus go and visit everyone and get a treat. He was even into letting everyone tickle him by placing his head on their lap. I am sooo proud of him.
Yummy bully sticks
He is becoming more accepting of Danny. He has been hand fed about half his supper then given the rest in his bowl. So small steps but they are all forward.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Davie - Day 4 - In Davie's words

It was out and about again this morning in the truck as my person had to do some of this thing called "shopping". Not that she likes to shop but apparently I needed an ID tag and a license for the city I now live in. Does that make me like a truck?

We also went to this other neat place. It was a pet store and a really nice lady made me feel welcome and she even let me play with one of her dogs! I managed to look at enough toys to convince my person to buy me a Cuz toy and an outside toy to play with.

Look at those trees!!
Later in the afternoon we went for another walk in the bush with Catja and CP (Catja's Person). I really like this walking. We were out for about 90 minutes and there are soooo many different smells. This picture shows you some of the big trees. Then Catja stayed for a visit. She really loves Danny but I am not to sure about him, sometimes I am OK but sometimes I bark at him. I think I just need more time, I really want to like him because he has good treats and I know he needs me to love him. So I am trying really hard.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 3 - Part 2

Well after that little screw up it was time to head to Catja's house for a play in the snow tunnels and coffee. We do love these snow tunnels!! Then we went in for coffee and got to meet Mike. He is a really nice guy and after Catja and Benji showed me how much they liked him I didn't bark and I took little treats from him.

That was after Catja sat on me! Then we went home and I had a rest. It has been an exciting three days!!

Davie Day 3 - part 1

So day 3 begins with our morning road walk followed by breakfast. Then whoopee another walk in the bush with Catja and CP. No snow shoes this time and a different trial. And Davie got to see his first squirrel. I think he will have fun with these come spring as there are two different families in the yard. Also his first frozen moose turds which at least he seems to want to roll in rather than eat.

 After the walk it was time to beat up a few toys.Then it was time to see how Davie would do in his kennel when his person left. The answer was not too good. A lot of crying and barking. So mistake by person, should have only done it for a short time then returned not as long. House man saved him and let him out of kennel. So we will try again and be smarter about it!!

new toy, old toy, which to pick!!                            


Davie Day 2

This day begins as most with a walk down the street first thing in the morning to see what has happened over night, You never know what may have been out and about. Lots of things to sniff.

After breakfast it is time for another truck ride. This time we are going to the Horse Arena to watch Catja's person (from now on known as CP) ride her horse. Davie thinks this place isn't bad, a couple of people that looked a little suspicious but look the Arena Cat!!! Davie was fascinated by him and of course as only cats can he seemed to know Davie has a fascination with cats. We spent more time watching the cat than the horses in the arena. After visiting CP we where off to the Dog Gone Bakery to by some dog food and treats. As luck would have it there was no one in the DG Bakery except a really nice lady who loves herding dogs. She understood immediately that Davie was a little scared and quickly won his confidence with quiet words and goodies.

Next it was off to see if we could meet some Dog People at a local training centre. And guess what, there were some really nice people there and Davie got to play with a very pretty Sheltie girl. He liked that place. We were also told that there was an opening in a set of beginner classes and that we needed to go!! So I guess we start soon!!

I used to herd these now I sleeps on one!!
After that eventful day it was time for a rest:

After a well deserved rest we went over to Catja's to play in her snow tunnels. Davie was so funny, Catja could run on top of the snow so he leaped up to chase her and promptly sunk. He looked at me as much as to say WTF!! So Davie did the tunnels and Catja the banks.
Tunnel Man

Then it was time for a est so we went home. Davie says the treat man is there again, still not sure about him but I am getting better.

Davie Day 1

Davie was up about 7 and got his first look at big tree and big snow country beginning with a walk down the street to check out the neighborhood. He couldn't believe how much snow there was and how many trees there were.

After breakfast it was time to go for a snow shoe in the bush. This begins with a walk down the street with Catja and her person, then snow shoes have to be put on. Davie seemed to think these things were a little strange but no big deal.

Then we where off down the trail.

It was an interesting place, first of all there was more snow than Davie was used too and then there were all those trees!! Catja explained to him how this walking thing worked. And as luck would have it, it didn't take long to discover his first moose tracks. They are strange things very deep and you can get stuck in them!

Where did my legs go???
So after a successful snow shoe we went home for a little R&R.

Eyes too heavyyyyyyyyyy

After a rest Davie got to meet Ivan and his Aunty Franny. Ivan is one of four Siberian Huskies that Davie will get to run and play with. His Auntie Franny brought him Miss Abby Beef Stew Bears from The Dog Gone Bakery. Cindy very kindly named the beef stew bears after Miss Abby (who went over the Rainbow bridge on Feb 4, 2011).
Miss Abby

Miss Abby seemed to have had a lot to do with Davie coming to his forever home. We went for a walk down the street and within minutes Davie had gone from barking at his Auntie Franny to thinking she was the best Aunt he had found that day. At the end of the road we met the WEBDCDL also known as the weiner dog's mom. She had Chorizo thw wire hair with her and Oskar on her back. Davie did not bat an eye at the two headed person. He loved Chorizo and also met Sammi, who spends a lot of time with WEBDCDL. Davie was impressed with his neighborhood!!

Davie is still unsure of the food man in the house. Davie says, "He seems nice but I am a little cautious, he sure has good treats though."

Operation Davie

Operation Davie began on Thursday, February 10th when the transportation from the east began it's journey to pick up Davie in Lethbridge, Alberta.

The transportation from the west left, Friday, February 11th. This included Catja the houndling whose mission was to let Davie know hw was welcome and going to an awesome forever home.The meeting place was the Travel Lodge in Stony Plain.

Davie did not want to leave the safety of his crate but with a little help from Catja he agreed that it was time to meet his new people.
Davie and Catja would like to recomend the Travel Lodge in Stony Plain as an awesome dog friendly place. It is on a dead end street so necessary bathroom breaks are accomplished in peace and quiet.

The home journey began early the next morning. Davie and Catja are both wonderful dogs to travel with, not a peep from them, considering the drive from Jasper to Prince George was one of the worst ever experienced due to rain, sleet, slush, snow and fog.

Operation Davie complete. On my new bed.