Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 7 and 8 in Davie's words

I really like morning walks EXCEPT when it is -32!! So we skipped Saturday. But we did get to go to the Neat Pet Store again. And this time I met a really nice girl. She fed me treats and let me play with her dog. And I bought a special Husky key chain for my Auntie Franny! And I must admit I convinced my person to buy me a few things. I wasn't pushy just poked my nose in a few things. I like this town there are realy neat places, BUT I could do with out the holes in the roads. I must say that Alberta roads are WAY better! Lucky I have good teeth or they might have fallen put by now!
We went to visit some different horses. It was fun, cold but sunny and I got to give Aunty Franny her present. She is sooo nice.
Then I went and ran tinnels with Catja in her back yard.

Only now I have learned how to run on top and jump the tunnels too! Then I went home and had a bunch of Kongs to clean out. I LOVE Kongs!

On Sunday we went to visit the Huskies and I got to walk down the road with Shiloh. I like him he is very confident and quiet and tells me things are fine and that if I need any help he will be there to help me. There are lots of excellent treats in their house. I love my Aunty Franny!

My person stopped at Costco to do some shopping so I had a nap. I like this truck riding,except for the pot holes!
We went for a walk in the bush and I got to run off leash with Catja in a big open area. It was fun but there is soooo much snow! Then we went back down the path by the river. AND I saw my first moose, actually two moose. They are huge! My person told me to be quiet because they were eating and I shouldn't scare them. We back tracked and went out a different way so as not to bother them. They are very big!! But I know they are hungry and it looked like a very safe place for them to live.

I am now lying on my bed cleaning out a Kong. Life is good and the man person doesn't seem to be soo bad. I think I like him more and more. He sure has good treats.

So I have been here a week. I am beginning to think this is where I really belong! But all the trees and snow are really strange. I'll send pictures of my street tomorrow!

That's all from me Davie the Dog, or as my person calls me sometimes, Davie the Duck! Strange I don't think I quack


  1. One day I will get to meet him, as soon as I can stop looking at houses to buy and can stay nice and warm in my store on a Sunday, where I should be.

  2. He looks so settled and happy! It makes me feel good!