Sunday, February 27, 2011

Holly Cow can it Snow here!!!

Friday it was back into the bush for a snow shoe. The open areas where pretty blown in and hard for the dogs so we stayed on the bush trails. No moose but lots of rabbit tracks.
Saturday we went street walking so Benji could come with us. The streets were clear of loose snow so Mr. Short Legs (Benji) had no problems. It was also good for Davie as he got to see more people and places. Next we went to have tea with a very pretty wavy blond mini labradoodle named Molly. Davie and Molly basically ignored each other which was OK. Davie got to meet three new humans and was pretty good. They were good at just ignoring him and letting him set his own pace. He definitely is more wary of men than women. He also got to see some cats which seemed to amuse him!! Especially when one chased him down the hall.

 It has snowed over 20 cm in the last 24 hours but Davie doesn't seem to mind. How ever it did postpone our visit to see some fellow BCs until next week.

Davie's Street

Where is that ball??
Finally found it!
Now to swim my way out.

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