Thursday, February 17, 2011

Davie - Day 4 - In Davie's words

It was out and about again this morning in the truck as my person had to do some of this thing called "shopping". Not that she likes to shop but apparently I needed an ID tag and a license for the city I now live in. Does that make me like a truck?

We also went to this other neat place. It was a pet store and a really nice lady made me feel welcome and she even let me play with one of her dogs! I managed to look at enough toys to convince my person to buy me a Cuz toy and an outside toy to play with.

Look at those trees!!
Later in the afternoon we went for another walk in the bush with Catja and CP (Catja's Person). I really like this walking. We were out for about 90 minutes and there are soooo many different smells. This picture shows you some of the big trees. Then Catja stayed for a visit. She really loves Danny but I am not to sure about him, sometimes I am OK but sometimes I bark at him. I think I just need more time, I really want to like him because he has good treats and I know he needs me to love him. So I am trying really hard.


  1. It will come with Danny- but you may have to start getting a bit creative with it. I would try getting Danny to walk him, or take him somewhere new. If Davie feels insecure and Danny is the only person he knows he will be forced to depend on him.

    Also I assume from your other posts that Danny is feeding Davie his meals- is he doing it by hand?

  2. great idea Amanda!,
    I agree, when there is only one person to count on in a new situation, things move alot quicker :)
    Good Luck Danny !