Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Operation Davie

Operation Davie began on Thursday, February 10th when the transportation from the east began it's journey to pick up Davie in Lethbridge, Alberta.

The transportation from the west left, Friday, February 11th. This included Catja the houndling whose mission was to let Davie know hw was welcome and going to an awesome forever home.The meeting place was the Travel Lodge in Stony Plain.

Davie did not want to leave the safety of his crate but with a little help from Catja he agreed that it was time to meet his new people.
Davie and Catja would like to recomend the Travel Lodge in Stony Plain as an awesome dog friendly place. It is on a dead end street so necessary bathroom breaks are accomplished in peace and quiet.

The home journey began early the next morning. Davie and Catja are both wonderful dogs to travel with, not a peep from them, considering the drive from Jasper to Prince George was one of the worst ever experienced due to rain, sleet, slush, snow and fog.

Operation Davie complete. On my new bed.

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