Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 3 - Part 2

Well after that little screw up it was time to head to Catja's house for a play in the snow tunnels and coffee. We do love these snow tunnels!! Then we went in for coffee and got to meet Mike. He is a really nice guy and after Catja and Benji showed me how much they liked him I didn't bark and I took little treats from him.

That was after Catja sat on me! Then we went home and I had a rest. It has been an exciting three days!!

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  1. hi!
    my name is Jolene & I am Amanda's friend & co-worker.
    It is so awesome to see Davie so happy! I am so glad he is doing well & it looks like he has the best home in the world too !
    Looking forward to reading more about Davie's adventures!