Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 9 - A Big Day

So it was back to work for me today. Davie got to spend quality time with his man person. I got a very nice phone call at about 8 to say that Davie had been looking for me but had settled down nicely and was checking to see where this man person was. I came home at 1130 to let him out for a bog stop and a play. He was happy to see me but settled down when I told him it was back to work. He is the best mannered guy I have ever seen, he just lays about or wanders about checking things out. Such a sweetie.
Careful Prairie Boy I was here first!!
We went for a snow shoe after work and Davie got to have a good run off leash in the open area. We stayed clear of moose country today. I think Davie and Catja like the snow almost as much as me. Have a look.

We love winter!!

Can't catch me Prairie Boy

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