Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Davie Day 1

Davie was up about 7 and got his first look at big tree and big snow country beginning with a walk down the street to check out the neighborhood. He couldn't believe how much snow there was and how many trees there were.

After breakfast it was time to go for a snow shoe in the bush. This begins with a walk down the street with Catja and her person, then snow shoes have to be put on. Davie seemed to think these things were a little strange but no big deal.

Then we where off down the trail.

It was an interesting place, first of all there was more snow than Davie was used too and then there were all those trees!! Catja explained to him how this walking thing worked. And as luck would have it, it didn't take long to discover his first moose tracks. They are strange things very deep and you can get stuck in them!

Where did my legs go???
So after a successful snow shoe we went home for a little R&R.

Eyes too heavyyyyyyyyyy

After a rest Davie got to meet Ivan and his Aunty Franny. Ivan is one of four Siberian Huskies that Davie will get to run and play with. His Auntie Franny brought him Miss Abby Beef Stew Bears from The Dog Gone Bakery. Cindy very kindly named the beef stew bears after Miss Abby (who went over the Rainbow bridge on Feb 4, 2011).
Miss Abby

Miss Abby seemed to have had a lot to do with Davie coming to his forever home. We went for a walk down the street and within minutes Davie had gone from barking at his Auntie Franny to thinking she was the best Aunt he had found that day. At the end of the road we met the WEBDCDL also known as the weiner dog's mom. She had Chorizo thw wire hair with her and Oskar on her back. Davie did not bat an eye at the two headed person. He loved Chorizo and also met Sammi, who spends a lot of time with WEBDCDL. Davie was impressed with his neighborhood!!

Davie is still unsure of the food man in the house. Davie says, "He seems nice but I am a little cautious, he sure has good treats though."

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