Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Teddy came for the day

Teddy AKA Tedbert is a friend of mines BC. He is about two months younger than Emmi. The three of them have been nuts since they first met last summer. It is facinating to watch the similarities between the two BCs and the contrast with the hound. They play together wonderfully. Here are some pictures from today.


Two Border Collies, check the shadows

Davie  telling them off

There are three dogs in this picture

I think she learned the "eye" from Davie

Tornado Teddy, he is a good boy
Cool down time

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fun in the Sun

Amber the Animal came for a play today. Amber is from Eromit Labs, best labs ever, check out their web site.


The best raised puppies you can ever hope to find. They are also on Facebook. But I digress as usual. All three of them play so great together, it usually involves the two girls playing tug with a toy while Davie makes sure they don't wander to far by running circles around them. Once in a while we get a three way tug going. And of course everyone MUST cool off in the pool. We also had a full out run up the hill and to the front of the yard about 4 times, they can really move! So now thanks to a long walk in the forest this morning and a play with Amber I have two crashed dogs. Oh and did I forget to tell you Davie found a nice pile of excrement, AKA poop to roll in on our walk so he had to have a full bath NOT just a hose off this morning. Emmi made a lot of fun of him. He is now very soft and fluffy!!

Do you share?

Davie circling to keep them in control

Davie's turn

Pretty girls

Race goes from the very front of this picture

To up the hill beside the house to the back and back down.
And amazingly no one ever comes close to a tree!!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Davie has a new toy

And he is a happy boy because he got to run in a big field and see his favorite aunt. Sorry Emmi you had to stand on the side lines. It is Davie's day!

Monday, July 8, 2013


Emmi and I started doing nosework about a month ago. We had the opportunity to attend two sessions in the past month. It is such a great past time for any dog but especially a hound. Here are some pictures and a video from yesterday.

Davie's opinion, "Use my nose, why? When I can stare things down!"

Boxes, boxes and more boxes

Found the goodies

Hmm, no wieners here but I smells ice cream!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Bored, Bored, Bored

Neither Davie or Emmi are very happy. You see Emmi was spayed on Thursday so we are under the rule, " keep Emmi quiet, no jumping, no running, no wrestling for a week," all which equal no fun. Outside on a leash. BORING. Especially when Davie gets to roar around and chase squirrels. We have frozen Kongs, pupsicles, bones, and Bully Stix to keep both occupied. I took Davie for a good run last night because he was getting verklempt from storms, rain, wind but mainly lack of a good energy burn off. Emmi was NOT happy staying home with her dad. She has been very good as she has not once licked her incision or even sniffed it. Davie checked it out for her when we picked her up at the vet, told her is was an awesome job, better incision than a plastic surgeon could have done. So based on his opinion she didn't bother checking it out for herself. What Emmi was impressed with was her sparkly nails, you see her vet not only spayed her but painted her nails with green sparkly stuff. Now how cool is that. The sparkles match her green harness and also the colour of her favorite football team, the Saskatchewan Roughriders. After all when a girl's brother is Smokey X you have to be a football fan.
I'm a little drugged yet.

My totally awesome nails

The Rider Gnome, Emmi has her game collar on. Davie is warning the Gnome what will happen to him if the Riders lose. Thankfully they won!
The video below shows why this girl must be kept under control and quiet. Also shows how much fun the next 6 days will be, NOT.