Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fun in the Sun

Amber the Animal came for a play today. Amber is from Eromit Labs, best labs ever, check out their web site.

The best raised puppies you can ever hope to find. They are also on Facebook. But I digress as usual. All three of them play so great together, it usually involves the two girls playing tug with a toy while Davie makes sure they don't wander to far by running circles around them. Once in a while we get a three way tug going. And of course everyone MUST cool off in the pool. We also had a full out run up the hill and to the front of the yard about 4 times, they can really move! So now thanks to a long walk in the forest this morning and a play with Amber I have two crashed dogs. Oh and did I forget to tell you Davie found a nice pile of excrement, AKA poop to roll in on our walk so he had to have a full bath NOT just a hose off this morning. Emmi made a lot of fun of him. He is now very soft and fluffy!!

Do you share?

Davie circling to keep them in control

Davie's turn

Pretty girls

Race goes from the very front of this picture

To up the hill beside the house to the back and back down.
And amazingly no one ever comes close to a tree!!

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