Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Davie Day 3 - part 1

So day 3 begins with our morning road walk followed by breakfast. Then whoopee another walk in the bush with Catja and CP. No snow shoes this time and a different trial. And Davie got to see his first squirrel. I think he will have fun with these come spring as there are two different families in the yard. Also his first frozen moose turds which at least he seems to want to roll in rather than eat.

 After the walk it was time to beat up a few toys.Then it was time to see how Davie would do in his kennel when his person left. The answer was not too good. A lot of crying and barking. So mistake by person, should have only done it for a short time then returned not as long. House man saved him and let him out of kennel. So we will try again and be smarter about it!!

new toy, old toy, which to pick!!                            


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  1. Ahh, rolling in frozen moose turds! You can take the dog off the farm but you can't take the farm off the dog!:)