Friday, February 24, 2012

Snow Shoeing and other stuff.

It has been an awesome week for snow shoeing, other than one very sticky day we have either snow shoed or walked every day this week except today and it has been great. It is currently snowing like crazy so we thought we would take a break and clean the house. We haven't got around to that yet. We were playing out in the snow when a pretty gold husky came wandering into the yard. Luckily she had on a city tag and they were able to contact the owners who came to pick her up. She was very good at tugging and had an awesome sit and down. Her and Davie chased to jolly ball and leather ring. Although she preferred treats. Smart girl too, two tries and she had nose touches down flat and her mom said she knew nothing about them. Said she didn't give her treats anymore because she got too pushy. Of course big mouth here said, "Well you should teach her tricks, because she is a fast learner and loves it." Maybe she might listen? She is a lovely dog. Anyway needless to say Gigi used up a good portion of our house cleaning time, or how about I am using that as an excuse.

Davie went for a visit to our vets this morning, he was providing moral support for Ivan and Lexi, the two youngest of his husky buddies. I was there to add a second set of arms. Two dogs and two people is much easier than one person and two dogs.  Then Davie went in for a visit. He was very good, pretty timid when we first went in but warmed up nicely. He had them sitting on the floor feeding him liver treats. You have to love a vet clinic that loves animals enough to have real treats and take the time to do this with a visiting dog. We will do more visits, I have been neglectful, as I was going to take him there every couple of months so he would be used to the place before he had to go for a real visit.

Training learning's from this week.
 I let Davie play with his buddy Rune too much lately, he decided he doesn't have to play with me if there are other dogs around, so we were on a "Runeless" diet this week. Monday we went into the centre and he kept looking at the door, saying, "Well were is he." Answer was sorry, so sad, too bad but you only get to play with me. He wasn't thrilled at first but was better by the end. Which was very good considering his little buddy was in the training centre next door and he knew he was there because he could hear him. Davie was almost back to normal Wednesday and today. He was tugging and playing like a crazy man this morning.He was good at home or out in the bush but had decided the centre was the dog play place. I learn soo much from this guy!! We started jump class this week, it is so interesting to watch the dogs learn. I love this about taking classes, watching the different dogs and handlers.

That's it for this post. Here are some pictures from yesterday's snow shoe in the beautiful sun.

They're off!!

Should read "Big Mouth" Hill



Big fir trees

Big Hill, not BA hill another one of many on our trails

Love the lichen and other fungi

Man on the move!

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