Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Davie and his Buddy Rune

I couldn't resist doing a special post to show some fabulous pictures Rune's people took of the two buddies when we went for a visit to learn how to dremmel Davie's nails. I have always been chicken to use a dremmel on nails but it is so easy. Well, Davie makes it pretty easy. Anyway thank you so much Cassie and Sheldon, these pictures are wonderful. Sorry there maybe a few too many but I had a hard time picking!
Where is he??


A little to your right should do it

Here it comes!
Blast off!!


How rude!

If I push him to the right

I can get it!
Flying bums

Okay this is how you hunt squirrels

Yep you take one side and I'll take the other, they won't have a chance!

What?? We have to go??

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