Friday, February 3, 2012

Remembering Miss Abby

It will be one year tomorrow since we helped Abby cross the Rainbow Bridge. It was her time, she had congestive heart failure and was failing fast. It was almost as if once she knew Davie was on his way she could pass the baton and wouldn't have to worry about me. I am sure she had willed herself to live for me once Maggie went unexpectedly the beginning of December. She went surrounded by the four people she loved the most.
Abby had a good long life, she turned 14 in December 2010. We shared a birthday because she came from the SPCA the beginning of February 1997 and was about 8 weeks old. So we decided she could share my birthday.
Abby was the perfect dog. She loved everyone and everything. She was confident, out going and always happy. The only time her tail stopped was when she was sleeping. She was also my Caretaker. She looked after me through a bad hip and a hip replacement as well as cuddled when she knew I needed it.She was the one that got us into agility. She did it for me not because she was crazy about it. I used to get heck from Kim for always nagging her by saying, Abby, Abby, Abby!
She walked probably thousands of miles with me, first alone then with Maggie, then with Ludmilla and Benji then also Catja. Abby would bring up the rear. She learned that the first winter out in the bush when I cross country skied and almost ran over her. She always made sure no one was left behind no matter how many of us were on the trial. Her last winter we did short street walks which she loved. That little dog could pee more places in half a kilometer than any other dog I have known.
I still miss her although I know it was her time to go. I put together a little video tribute to her.

Plus this is her last agility run. She always had fun once she got going. Her favorite trick was to sit at the start line and start when she was good and ready!! But boy could she weave and move when she was ready. She did not like the titter as you can see. Even though we had our own she still didn't like it. Said it gave her motion sickness!! But I loved that little dog. We had sooo much fun together!
Please give all your dogs an extra hug tonight. They teach us so much and are never here long enough.

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