Friday, July 8, 2011

What to do with restless ones on a rainy day???

You go to the centre and do some training then you play!! It is July 8th, 7 degrees and pouring rain. There were three dogs looking for trouble, well really only two, Benji is too dignified and mature to be doing some thing like that. So off we went. We did some obedience work. move backs, wobble boards, mat work and free shaping. then it was time for their free for all.

Not to be left out Benji beat up the coatimundi!! Who says an 11 year old guy can't play!

So now Davie is in his favorite place under the desk, Benji is in his bed and Catja is sleeping in the middle of the king sized bed. I think it may be time to go watch the Tour de France on the PVR and or read! I may have to light the stove to stay warm! But that's okay we like inside days when the lawn was mowed the day before!

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