Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Crazy Dogs

It has been a blast having Catja and Benji for the past 12 days. Davie will be sad to see them go home on Saturday. We have established a daily routine which is a short walk down the street every morning to see what has happened in the neighbourhood over night, followed by breakfast.  Apparently something really interesting was around last night because there was A LOT of sniffing and checking out places this morning. Way more than normal. Time to set up the critter cam.

We went for a walk with Molly the mini Labradoodle and her person yesterday. It was an awesome walk through some beautiful places that I had no idea existed. We are really lucky in PG to have so many great places to walk. We were going to go the Moore's Meadow, AKA the great dandelion place, but Saturday we saw a huge black bear down at the far end of the meadow and decided to leave him in peace. There is so much lush vegetation around there that the bears are in feast land.

After breakfast Davie and Catja play like a pair of nut cases. Benji watches from either his bed or the couch. They are so funny to watch and also so interesting. It is amazing the amount of Dog language you can observe. I got a short video this morning, sorry it is so poor but I grabbed the closest video device and it was the phone.
This is the closest they have come to knocking something over. The play started again about a minute later and the air cleaner survived it's knock. They also have an up and down the stairs game that I haven't managed to catch on video. I even sat in the corner and pretended to read but when the camera came out they were more interested in me. One is at the top the other at the bottom. They take turns posturing then run by each other and change positions with each other. It is a hoot.

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