Monday, July 25, 2011

We do actually do some training.

Since most of the pictures I post in this blog are of us running around or in puddles I thought I had better get some of us having fun doing classes. So this morning a very kind person took some pictures of us. Davie has been taking classes in obedience and agility building blocks since about March. This morning was an obedience/rally class. Davie is so much more relaxed in class.
Heeling Practice
The great thing about Davie is he is both food and toy motivated. And if he starts to get stressed you only have to have a play and he is back in "lets go mode".

He does like to tug!
When I were lucky enough to be able to spend a day and a half at Crufts three years ago I first heard of Cani-Course races. It is an awesome way to either hike or run with your dog but still have them on leash and your hands free. It is especially good for hiking hills as you can still use hiking poles and get a little help up the hills. Going down involves a lot of "easy" training. It develops great thigh muscles! Cani-Cross uses a padded waist belt, a special line that has a section of bungee like cord which is connected to a harness with good chest padding. We have been using a sled harness. The equipment very similar to that used for skijoring. I have had Davie in this since about May. There is a Cani-Cross Meet and Fun Run in Quesnel in August. So Davie and I and one of his husky buddies and her person are going to go try it.  This is the first one I have heard of up in this region.
Davie in training for Cani-Cross

Yes we have been in a mud puddle.
It has definitely been a prime year for "Puddle Man".

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