Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Three Howlers

Davie is sad and happy. He is sad because the guy with the weird smelling suitcase has gone back to Tokyo just when he was beginning to really like him. Especially the miniwheats he eats for breakfast. How well did he like him, good enough to sit and hit him with a paw if he wasn't sharing!! And not to bark at him when he came in or out of a door. After about 20 practices of in and out various doors. And he taught Davie to sing and then Davie formed a trio with his house guests for the next two weeks.
So Davie is happy because Catja and Benji have come to stay while their human is in Maui. It is pretty rough around here for a dog, no comfy place to sleep. More like no place for humans to sit!
We had lots of fun while that guy was here. We went walking up our favorite trails and got to try some new ones.

Puddleman, lots to chose from!

I was nice walking, cool and no mosquitoes, but we were lucky because look what was in a puddle on the way down! Mosquitoe larvae getting ready to hatch, wouldn't have wanted to be around that evening!
And Davie and Shiloh took that guy for a cart ride. Davie is planning on auditioning for the sled dog team for this winter. He thinks a Border Collie would be a great addition to a team of four Huskys!

You remember Davie's friend Stryker, he is a nosy one!

So Davie gets to play with his buddies for the next two weeks. Today they were helping to pull weeds. Benji supervised, Catja was looking for bugs to roll in and of course Davie was making sure the Jolly Ball was in use!! I did manage to collect them for a photo opportunity.

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