Friday, June 24, 2011

It's a bone kind of day.

After a day of sun and 26 degrees it has been raining off and on and about 14 degrees. But that's alright because we needed the rain and some inside time. Davie figured because it was a rainy day it should be bone day followed by a nap.

I loves marrow bones!
He had an exciting time over the last week. This tall guy who makes wierd noises arrived from a very far away place. His clothes smelled very different, because they came all the way from Tokyo. He seems to be an alright guy and he is teaching me to sing.

We had an exciting weekend because Davie got to do some sheep herding. He knew what he was doing I definitely did NOT. But we both had fun and that was the name of the game to have fun. This is a small clip of us, Davie the expert, me the klutz!

We also built a pond for Benji and Catja this week, well not really for them more for their person. It was fun according to the dogs, Davie and Catja chased balls and Benji supervised the construction. Oh and did I mention the first one to ALMOST try it out was Mr. Puddle Man even though he had his own pool on site!

Yep right here, no bones clear to dig!!

Come on guy throw the ball never mind the rocks!!

Where's the fish? Are you sure you did it the way I told you?

Can I, can I, please pleassssssssssssssssssse!

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