Monday, June 13, 2011

Of horses and huskies

It was a week of dogs and horses. We went out to horse and husky sit for two days last week. Davie spent two days zooming with huskies and carefully watching horses when they came for a drink. He and the youngest horse, Stryker, AKA Bad Boy, spent about an hour watching each other. Davie would move down his side of the fence and Stryker would follow then vice versa. It would have been very interesting to hear what they were thinking! My guess is as follows:
Davie - I would love to get in there and herd you somewhere.
Stryker - no way dog boy I would kick your butt!
Davie - I don't think so I can out run you with one leg up in the air!
Stryker - That's what you think dog boy, I am fast!!
Davie - No way
Stryker - Am too!!
And on the conversation went until Stryker got hungry and left to go find something to chew on. Sorry I never got a picture of this conversation.

Davie was one tired boy on Friday, which was good because he got to stay home while I went and worked with the Bloodhounds. He spent most of the day sleeping.

Although there were no puddles at the husky's house there was a pool which apparently was rather popular! Thank goodness the horses' watering trough was on the other side of the fence or I am sure he would have been in it too!
Apparently toys like pools too!!
This is Ivan and Lexi. Lexi has dropped most of her coat, poor Ivan looks like a half hairy monster!! And they like to bath their toys too!!

 Diva watching the youngsters

Shiloh keeping an eye on things.

The crew.
Grampa Pablo

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