Thursday, June 2, 2011

Walk in a Field of Dandelions

I have a new appreciation for Dandelions, they are actually very pretty in the right setting. I also now know why this is such a great place to live. There are so many places to walk and hike literally out your back door. This morning we decided to go to Moore's Meadow because I have not been there in over 30 years. Moore's Meadow is a large glacial kettle left over from the last ice age. There is a beautifull meadow in the middle of a mixed forest. The meadow is a designated off leash area. The YouTube video shows you Davie on the path down the middle. Sorry I had to shot with my phone. Some day I will learn never to go anywhere without a camera!!

Guess who cam home with yellow legs and ruff after racing through the dandelions and I might add losing his brand new purple wubba in all the tall grass. Next time it's the flying squirrel it will be easier to keep track of!! I think his tongue may have been yellow too!!

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