Monday, June 6, 2011

The many tales of Davie

So we have a variety of tales from the past week. Davie discovered the last remaining MUD puddle in the gravel pit walk and throughly enjoyed himself. He won't need any mineral supplements for a few days!!

What do you mean dirty, people pay money to be covered in mud like this
And this is how he likes to cool off after a long walk in the bush. He has decided who has the best lawns to rolly polly on the walk home.
 Then there is the more water please pose. No mud puddles on this walk and he can't fit in the water dish, although he has been known to try.
More water please!
And finally this was the week Davie got to channel his inner husky as one of my friends said. And I must say he did quite well. His buddy Shiloh was very patient showing him the "ropes". He showed Davie how much fun it is to pull these silly humans on a cart! Just wait until the snow flys and we can add more huskys!!

Long Tongue buddies.
And finally Davies' favorite place to rest while I vacuum. He has a rough life.


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