Monday, May 30, 2011

Davie and Gardening

Davie is sad there are no more muddy puddles to lie in, however dandelions are not such a bad resting spot. If we are averaging 5 kilometer walks a day Davie and Catja are probably at about 10!  We are now walking in the morning when it is cool and it gives us the rest of the day to play in the garden.
Sir David of Dandelion
Davie isn't too sure about this gardening thing, all he knows is if he watches for a while and stays out of these things called gardens he gets to chase the Jolly Ball.
Never mind the camera just throw the ball!!

And when he gets too hot there are nice shady places with cool grass and even a place under a HUGE fir that he is allowed to dig up fresh cool dirt to lie in!! What more can a guy ask for. Although posing beside some of the strange creatures that hang out in the garden is a bit much, but he is a very understanding guy.

Some of Davie's garden pictures. And yes he has been "IN" the pond, fountain and all.

Cool grass behind the garden shed
And yes Davie is still on a long line, he isn't tied but it helps him decide to stay in the yard rather than hunting in the bush for noisy squirrels when I call.

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