Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Rainy Day

Since it is pouring rain and we can't continue yard work it is time for an update. Well week one of retirement is complete and I love it. Not sure Davie does, I seem to be wearing him out. We have been going to the training centre to do some work almost every weekday morning. He really enjoys going down there to play and train. We are so lucky to belong to an agility club that has this indoor facility available to work in. Training at home is okay but the extra space there and equipment are wonderful. Then we have been doing spring clean up and of course our daily walks.
We went horse hauling last Wednesday and Davie got to play with some red and white border collies. But his biggest fascination was the cat. The cat that followed us everywhere! Then when I sat down to watch a riding lesson she preceeded to climb up my back and then cuddle up and go to sleep in my lap.

Poor Davie didn't know what to do. He finally decided sniffing the cat was a safe idea. The cat continued to purr and looked at him as much as to say, "Sorry you don't fit I do so buzz off."

We have had some additional helpers in the garden. They seem to think crocus are a spring delicacy. Sorry about the wrong date forgot to reset on the critter cam.

That's it for now

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