Monday, May 23, 2011

Rainy Morning

Davie is sound asleep under the computer desk he had a very busy day yesterday. We went for a morning walk and everyone had a good run and ate some fresh green grass, well everyone but Davie he was holding the Wubba so no Wubba thief could take it.  Then we had a couple of muddy belly baths.

Davie also got his regular supply of minerals as you can see on the long dirty tongue!

Next we went out to visit some Border Collies and go for another walk by the river. Davie was religated to a long line because the river is very high and fast and he is not used to this type of water. And given his love of water we didn't want to lose him. He had a blast running into the river. Thanks to his new buddies Tip and Finn for showing him this great place.
Davie in the river

And look what we found along the path. These are very tiny wild orchids called Fairy Slipper Orchids or Calypso bulbosa for you latin lovers. You can see how small they are by their size compared to the blade of grass. So delicate and beautiful.
The day wouldn't be complete without visiting Auntie Franny so off we went to see the huskies and plant some flowers. Pablo was a great help.

While Kandy supervised.

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