Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Busy Week.

We had about 25 cm of snow last Wednesday so has made for fantastic snow shoeing and happy dogs. Unfortunately it has warmed up so now we are getting sticky snow and sloppy streets. You can never win in the in between season.

Davie and I attended a dog stretch class on Saturday evening. I had taken the weekend seminar on this about 5 years ago so this was a refresher. It is so interesting to watch a group of excited dogs sound asleep on their blankets after a good massage. So Davie now gets one after some of his crazy bush runs.

Then on Sunday we went to two seminars at Pawsitive Steps. The first one was Jump start your puppy/young dog and the second one was on shaping. They were super seminars. And thank goodness I have done more than a few correct things with Davie.  I also got some great tips and instruction on what we needed to work on. These seminars are always so much fun, not just watching the dogs but hanging out with a great bunch of people.

We went and played in the snow today in a big field and I tried to get some good pictures of the three amigos. So here are a few.

I KNOW you have treats!

Mine, ha ha!!

Can you breath? No, good!

Just pure fun


Wow nice place!

Come on are you sure you don't have any treats

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