Thursday, May 24, 2012

A visit to the Labradors

We thought Emmi could use some play time with guys closer to her age and size. So after hitting the greenhouse for some much needed plants we stopped in to visit with the labs. As it turned out Davie had just as much if not more fun than Emmi. The labs live in a wonderful place, down a long lane with lots of yard to run in and a creek to play in. And apparently according to Davie they also have squirrels.

These pictures are from Erin, I love them
Emmi and Carbon

Victor and Emmi trying to decide who should jump first

Are you sure I can't walk the log jam instead?


We're off!!
That's not so bad.
Next it was Davie's turn to play. He had a ball with Chester and Verona. He and Verona were the perfect pair. She likes to play and be chased and Davie likes to herd!! The game of catch me if you can was very entertaining since it involved going around a round garden and then a bush.
Chester and Davie, two dogs only 3 feet on the ground

Largest tongue competition.

Davie and Verona

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