Thursday, May 17, 2012

Emmi meets the Hound Master

Maggie and I had the privilege of learning to trail/track with a awesome man. He was the one who really brought out the best in Maggie May. My only regret is that we couldn't have started working with him sooner. He has done a lot of work with his Bluetick/Bloodhound cross in man trailing. They have some of the highest awards available. I was able to work with his younger Bloodhound after Maggie left for the Rainbow Bridge. So I figured it was time that Emmi went to meet the Master and his hounds. She was a little nervous at first when the full hound bawling set in but relaxed very quickly. And the big hounds weren't quit sure what the high pitched hound type noise was about!!

We left with some exercises to begin doing with her. Mostly games of hide and seek outside.

Checking out good sniffs

Notice the similarity in the way they carry their tails

Will my nose really get as big as yours and work as good???
Sorry no pictures of the master tracking hound, he had his head in my pocket looking for treats!

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