Sunday, December 14, 2014

Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have sheep and someone to train with!

I have been looking for someone who does herding and has sheep for 3 years. I have had leads but always ended in a dead end. I heard of someone in Prince George but couldn't track him down. Well after the AB Herding Dog Rescue workshop at Phantom Ridge I came back more determined than ever. Davie did so good there and was so happy and I was hooked. The stars must have aligned and said, "Okay it's time." because within a month I had found a person who runs dogs and has his own flock. We had a slight delay in weekly trips do to -25 temperatures and some wolves deciding they might want sheep for supper, but we were back out today. There is very little snow this year, so far, which is bad for snow shoeing and sledding but good for herding and tracking.

Here are some pictures from today, they aren't the greatest because it was foggy and overcast. Donna brought Quest out to meet sheep for the first time, he was intrigued.


                                        Apparently someone said we were going herding!

Waiting his turn

The sheep

At work

When is it our turn?


Discussing the term "Lie Down"

Plotting our next turn

Watching Quest

Quest watching Davie
Hey Davie this is really fun!!