Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Last Two Weeks

Well spring may actually be here. And the nice white snow that has been keeping the handsome Davie's ruff so white is slowly melting into wonderful water/mud that is turning him into this throughly wet, dirty, very happy guy. He loves puddles. It is "whoopee" lets see how many we can run through. So next project is a video of this mud monster. I am thinking that when it comes to swimming this summer he will be a fast learner. And he is dropping enough coat to provide the birds with some very soft nest lining

 Davie and Catja have a new game called "Let's see how fast we can run holding a rope at either end." It is a joy to watch them
This is a clean puddle.

 Davie also discovered that squirrels go up trees then sit and chatter at you. Way different than gophers that go down holes. He was insisting he was going to sit under the tree and wait until we convinced him it was more fun to run up the trail. Besides once he learns he has his own set of squirrels at home he can spend all the time he wants looking up trees.

We have also been working at shaping with the clicker. It took him under 3 minutes to learn how to pray on a chair. Second time we tried it it had it in three clicks. We are now working on a perfect prayer. And we have pushing a large ball with your nose close. We just have to get out of the lying position when we push the ball.
Somewhere I have a telescoping target ball I bought at Crufts 4 years ago, but do you think I can find it!! Found everything else but. The hunt is on.

And we only have 7 more sleeps left until Davie has to put up with me full time!! And he and Dan are now walking to the mail boxes and down the road. Riding in the truck seems to be a good thing. He will take treats from Dan's hand. The forced close proximatety seems to be good. Dan deserves a big metal for patience.

The little sweetie below is Davie's wire haired Dachshund buddy who came to spend yesterday afternoon. Davie likes her and she thinks he is OK for a Border Collie, she is deer watching.

This is the deer

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