Thursday, June 14, 2012

Davie's Calling in Life

I truly believe every dog is sent to you for a reason and that every dog has a unique talent that will appear. Sometimes these talents are obvious, such as a dog that shows ability to herd, run agility, do obedience, track or other activities that we as human partners can participate in and help develop. Sometimes these talents are more hidden and it make take a while for them to emerge and be recognized. Some dogs have an ability to know when others need a cuddle and gentle support. Some are sent to stretch our skills as trainers and help us develop in ways we never imagined. I have had one of each of those. In Davie I found a very handsome, lovable, gentle, soul with very little confidence in himself. His confidence has grown in leaps and bounds and anyone now meeting him for the first time sees a shy dog but one who is more than willing to meet them but not be their best buddy. He has his favorite people and shows a totally different side of himself. He is probably one of the most photogenic and best looking Border Collies you will ever see. And although I maybe prejudiced I know not many would disagree with me. So I guess his purpose in life could have been to be a poster boy for Border Collies, but that isn't my Davie. His real strength began emerging early this year with the meeting of Rune the Toller puppy. Davie showed a unique ability to be able to play with young puppies knowing exactly how gentle to be, how to entice them to play and when he can step up the play . He knows how to teach them to play with him and toys and when some behavior is not acceptable and you must be warned.

He has since become the adult dog of choice to play with new puppies. He has been the most awesome big brother for Emmi the monster and every pup he has met loves him. His real purpose sunk in yesterday after he met Merlin the 9 week old Vizsla pup. Merlin's mom called Davie the Pied Piper of Puppies and I think she hit the nail on the head.

So Jenny if you read this, thank you for having Amanda rehome Davie. And Amanda thank you for letting me have Davie. He is truly a unique and wonderful dog.
Rune and Davie
Davie's trainee

Merlin is fascinated by the tongue
Pied Piper of Puppies
Supreme Joy

Poster Boy

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