Monday, September 3, 2012

House, Horse and Husky Sitting

We are H,H and H sitting for a week. It is rather like living at a three ring circus some of the time. Me, four horses and seven dogs! The neighbourhood may never be the same. On Friday night we all went out for a bathroom break around 8 oclock. Emmi started air scenting as soon as we walked out the back door as did Shiloh the senior husky. About thirty seconds later she started bawling like a real coonhound. They all ran to the back fence but I couldn't see anything out in the back pasture. I think the trail cam needs to come out today. About 10 minutes latter a neighbour from down the road came over because she was concerned something might have happened to one of the huskys because she had never heard a sound like that before! That's when I introduced her to the coonhound and apologised for the noise. She laughed and said, "that sound came out of that pup?" I assured her it did and would continue to do so. She had never seen nor heard a coonhound before.

Lexi and Shiloh

Who can run faster?



Ivan the ballet dancer

the race

Pointy ears and flying ears
Emmi bringing up the rear
More on our stay and horse pictures in the next post.

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