Saturday, March 23, 2013

Fun in the Sun!

We went to visit yesterday and Davie and I got to practice sheep herding again. A big thank you to Francesca and Randy for a super day in the sun. I am pretty hopeless but we are learning. And again we had the three very patient sheep. We had a "few" issues with lie down yesterday. To go with the confusion issues caused by me. But his "that'll dos" where awesome! And this makes me very happy, as he is happy to work but also willing to stop and come with me. It was fun and you can really see Davie shine when the woolie creatures appear. He was very good at staying down while Ruby brought the sheep in from the field. It is so good for his self confidence to be able to do this. It is as if a different dog appears. Here are a few pictures and a short video. After this we went for a couple of kilometer walk so everyone could have a good run and the hound could sniff since see was confined to the peanut gallery in the truck!
The view

Woooo Hooooo

Are you ready?

Happy guy, cool snow

Watching intently.

A picture of ducks, just because


  1. yay for Davie!!! looks like you guys all had a great time!

  2. Nice to see him getting keener all the time! That bad stuff isn't actually "bad". You gotta have some bad so you know they want it so much that when you tell them "no" they don't quit.

    1. Thanks Jenny, he really loves this and I never thought of the bad is good!