Friday, June 28, 2013

Mini Vaction

We went to Jasper and Hinton last week. We camped for three days in Jasper then went to visit the horses and huskies. We lucked out as we only had a bit of rain in Jasper. And we were snug in the tent when it occurred. I don't have many pictures in Jasper  as trying to take pictures while having two dogs on leashes is a bit of a challenge. We had another photographer with us so I may steal some of hers to post later.

Our Tent

Snug in the tent

What? I'm the navigator. Too bad I focused on the steering wheel not Davie!

Hooligans, Emmi and Abby

Athabaska Glacier

Abby, 8 month old mini Aussie
Next to see the horses and huskies. Everyone was happy to see each other. It is always a beautiful drive from Hinton to Prince George if the weather is good. We took advantage of it and di lots of stops
Joe came to visit

Lexi thinks she is hiding

Happy horses

Almost full moon

Mount Robson

Slim Creek

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