Monday, November 25, 2013

Yep Winter is here and we are Happy!

I know some people think I am nuts but I happen to love winter. I have a clean Davie from now until the puddles appear in the spring. We have been snow shoeing about 4 times and other than for about 3 days of -15 to -20 it has been perfect. Well except today as it is above 0 and the snow is getting sticky. 
PLEASE can we play?

I keep telling you they are gone, I think you have a nose problem!

Happy man, love the way his head is almost in focus and the rest shows movement

Emmi's -20 coat, I should have blurred the background!
Update on Beau the coonhound who was attacked by a cougar. His foot and leg healed very fast. He has had surgery on his hip and it was quite a mess. For an update please check out Cinnamon's Blog Coonhound Tales listed under my blog list..

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